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Deputy Secretary Andrews Addresses the Department's First Ever Innovation Unconference
Earlier this year, LINC organized the first ever Department of Commerce Innovation UnConference. This event, put together by employee volunteers from multiple bureaus, differed from a traditional conference in that it was designed with an open agenda that allowed employees from anywhere within the Department to suggest innovation-focused topics and then lead discussion on those topics. The unconference began with an armchair discussion between Josh Mandell, the Secretary’s Senior Adviser for Innovation and Competitiveness, and Karina Homme, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Azure Government. Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews also attended an afternoon session to give remarks on innovation within the Department and participate in a question
and answer session with unconference attendees.
The ideas shared at the unconference were summarized in a whitepaper, which is now available for download by all interested Commerce employees. The discussions throughout the unconference covered a broad range of subjects, but a common theme emerged: when it comes to innovation within a large organization, a lot of things matter beyond merely what technology is in use; measures matter, relationships matter, culture matters, shared tools matter, and how we are organized matters.
The whitepaper presents numerous insights and recommendations that approach the topic of innovation within the Department from a variety of angles. As members of LINC, we concur, however, with the strategic plan’s warning that “launching multiple improvement initiatives across a broad scope of areas will create activity but not necessarily progress.” These insights and recommendations should therefore be taken as a snapshot and a sampling of efforts that are already being made and ideas that contribute to (rather than distract from) the key strategies for operational excellence identified in the strategic plan. 
How the unconference whitepaper fits into the Department’s innovation process

In 2011, the Partnership for Public Service set out a process for innovation that starts with a commitment to innovation and defining agency high-priority performance goals—two steps already completed as part of the adoption of the most recent strategic plan.
The ideas contained in this whitepaper represent the third step in the process. They are the result of people in every bureau within the Department identifying opportunities and brainstorming solutions that align with the key strategies for operational excellence already adopted by the Department:
• Build a learning organization
• Create a 21st century IT infrastructure
• Manage for results.
We believe that committing the resources and attention of the Department to these recommendations and others like them will allow us to better fulfill our duty to the public. We invite you to share your thoughts regarding the whitepaper in the comments section below.
The White Paper for the LINC Unconference
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